Terms & Conditions;

The guidelines outlined below are to ensure that the relationship between the Trainer and Client & the responsibilities of both parties are clearly appreciated and understood.


Trainer's Responsibilities:
1. Your Trainer will design a personalized program meeting the client's needs and goals that is safe, effective and conductive.

2. Each session will last at least either 30, 45 or 60 minutes, (chosen by the client) but will not exceed 1 hour.

3. Your Trainer will provide guidance regarding proper exercise techniques.

4. Your Trainer will maintain a record of client progress and provide necessary feedback.

5. Your Trainer will evaluate and modify the personalized program as necessary according to the client's progress, needs and goals.

6. If your Trainer is late for a session, that time is owed to the client.

7. The Trainer will notify the client with at least 6 hours if they need to cancel, at which time the session will be rescheduled.

8. Your Trainer is self-employed and works with & out of Target Fitness Gym and accepts direct or additional payment for his services in bank transfer, direct debit or cash.

9. All information regarding the client's program and progress is confidential and will remain on record solely for the period of training with the Trainer.


Client's Responsibilities:
1. Payment must be paid in full prior to the first training session. Payments should be made to the Trainer directly and in the form of bank transfer, direct debit or cash. Clients paying via direct debit must pay pro rata when starting. The client may cancel their direct debit at any point with one month notice. If the clients does not use allocated sessions in each given month, they may carry them over to the following month at the trainers discretion.

2. The Client is expected to discuss all health history information and any medical concerns with the trainer.

3. All appointments times must be adhered to and end as scheduled. Any time lost due to client being late is considered part of the appointment and is non-refundable. Unless notified the trainer will wait 15 minutes and if the client does not give notice or attend after their appointed time, the session is deemed as forfeited.

4. Client must give 24 hour’s notice for any cancellation or rescheduling of a session. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of the session.


5. The client will communicate any discomforts, pain or concerns experienced during or arising from a session.

6. Client shall abide by rules and policies of Target Fitness Gym.

7. Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase, unless other arrangements have been made with the trainer.


8. If client, for any reason, does not fulfil all of their sessions in the agreed package, no refund will be given.

9. Client acknowledges that the relationship between client and trainer is strictly professional, and that all communication should reflect this and thus must be specific to training. Should the client breach this, and act in an inappropriate manner, they subsequently forfeit their remaining sessions, and will not be provided with a refund.


10. Client acknowledges that he/she is in good health and physically able to participate in a personalised program. By signing below, client acknowledges and agrees that he/she has no limiting health conditions that would preclude participation in an exercise program and will immediately inform the trainer should a health condition arise during the client's participation in the personalised program. The Trainer nor Target Fitness Gym do not accept any liability for injuries sustained through the client’s failure to notify them of any pre-existing or future psychical or mental condition.


11. Clients with training in small group sessions accept that any persons at any fitness level can book in the allocated time slot with maximum of 12 per group.


12. Personal Training Clients may train at home or location of choice (if suitable) with additional fee agreed upon before commencing.

Voucher / Offer Conditions:

1. Introductory offer of 50% off first month’s training applicable to personal & semi private memberships only.

2. Minimum of 4 sessions must be taken out to use this offer.

3. Vouchers / offers are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for their monetary value.

4. Sessions must be booked in advance.

5. Any sessions cancelled or rearranged within 24 hours will be forfeited.

6. Available at Target Fitness Gym Weare, Somerset BS26 2JE or location of choice (subject to fee)

7. Vouchers / Offers cannot be redeemed by current clients.



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